Monday, October 27, 2003

1. Attended a Sunday morning service at a Presbyterian church. John and Linda invited me to observe their church's rememberance of Marthin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox -- all the "Voices of Reformation", fathers of Protestantism. It was a unique experience. John explained to me about how there are so many Protestant denominations: Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregationalist, Baptist, etc. How they differ each other and how they all emerged as forms of protest to then highly hierarchical and dogmatic, Catholic Church.
We then had lunch at Za's. Discussed about Islam and how muslims think about Prophet Jesus.

2. Hey, I just noticed that the street where the Virginia Theater is, is named Roger Ebert Boulevard. Since when? I knew it was either Randolph or State St. Hm, must be because Ebert has given a good name to Champaign with his yearly Overlooked Film Festival -- that always takes place at Virginia Theater. I heard Champaign City Council had also passed a bill in 2001 to name a street between Neil St. and Chesnut St, "REO Speedwagon Way". Funny, but creative.

3. Tonight is the first taraweeh night. Meaning, fasting month is starting tomorrow. I can't believe, this would be my sixth ramadhan in America. Time flies.

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