Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Second best: corrupt fundamental

These many days media have been flooded by news on corruption. Opinions and editorials have follow suit. And now the president, out of desperation, again calls for religious teachings for combating the corruptive mentality.

But will these all work? Looking at the chronic situation in Indonesia, I sadly see no prospects. Corruption is already a culture. It's ubiquitous.

While, to add to that pain, we've got little money and resources left. Yet, we've got to grow.

Now, I could start understand the points made by Avinash Dixit in his "Lawlessness and Economics". In short, you can't wait until the coast is really clear. You have to be able to develop and to grow on a ... corrupt fundamentals.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm back -- I'm trying!

One month of blogless day. What am I, a Robinson Crusoe?. I confess I've got no time to write. There's been a major change in the board of management in my office. I have been busy -- I should be busy.

Here are some things that I would have blogged within last month:
1. My pick for Alan Greenspan's successor: Ben Bernanke.
2. Daron Acemoglu deserves John Bates Clark Medal.
3. The economics rationale of getting married. Oh by the way, this is another reason why I have been absent for awhile.