Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why of why Kompas editor is so lousy: "I need to publish an article whatever flawed stuff I have to put in it; the point is I just want to see my article published" - department

I can't believe Kompas print this. What an embarrassing display of logic breakdown.

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a.p. said...

At the same page, a friend of mine, a former activist, called the government's idea to use part of the fuel subsidy to help poor college student as 'bribery.' He urged students not to take the money which was 'immorally stolen from the people.' I wonder why he doesn't urge the student anywhere to stop riding their own private vehicle altogether...

Yesterday, a former president said that cash transfer is creating a 'beggar's attitude' and the government is 'no Santa Claus.' She forgot that fuel subsidy is an even bigger Santa Claus; but the present is for the middle class.