Tuesday, May 27, 2008

whom to spoil?

Say, "Those cash transfer is spoiling the poor. Stop it". Read between the lines: "Please don't quit spoiling us, the middle class. Pour your subsidy on us, the richer. We don't care with the poorest, really. All we want is your subsidizing our car tank every day. Please, please. Don't take the subsidy away from us in order to give it to somebody else, that poorest".


Anymatters said...

Aco, I like your spirit and also possibly LPEM-UI's spirit to develop the Indonesian society and people. If they (govt/politician/people) don't wanna listen and consider your thoughts, advice, proposition, etc., just keep shouting. While we have to start now, we know we may see the effect or any impact later in the future. Best wishes for you et al.

Aco said...

Thanks for your support, Jeff. We'll sure keep shouting :-)