Friday, May 23, 2008

Macro vs micro

Another support why, even though assigned to teach macro, I always emphasize to students that macro without sound fundamental micro is at best undefendable. Of course my nits might not be as big as Kling's. One reason is, to understand Indonesian economy (or let me put it slightly differrently: to understand economic fallacies brought by popular economists here), you need to at least know the macro framework.

As an aside, the previous Kling's post is also interesting. I happen to be interested in (and have been trying to keep up with) number 1 all the way to number 8, skip number 4 on his list. Yes, I suck at finance. I guess I (pretend) to substitute international trade for it.

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rizal said...

I disagree with Arnold. Macro is fun, and it's a different game, too :-).

But I am strongly for Economic History, or more precisely History of Economic Thoughts.