Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my new novel (dream on)

I feel like writing a novel or at least a short story. The key character would be an evil politician. Here's what he would tell his fellow party members:

We should topple SBY down. This is a good time to do that: BBM issue. We should make sure that he finally really increase the BBM price. That way, it is easier to beat him in the upcoming general election. But we should also make sure that the public at large keep believing that fuel subsidy is good. Yes, this has to be played smart. Because on one hand we want SBY to cut the subsidy and on the other hand we want the public to hate that, so later we can use the public sentiment against the president. So, let's keep opposing the plan, but let's pray that SBY continue with it. Play smart, fellas.


Anonymous said...

hmm.... I think it could be a non-fiction novel :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...good idea. Why don't you also to make a screenwriter for the movie. I propose the soundtrack is the song of D'MASIV "Cinta Ini Membunuhku" with little change to become "Subsidi Ini Membunuhku". And the ad will be "Hidup Untuk Beriklan" by Soetrisno Bachir

Anymatters said...
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Anymatters said...

just be careful. it may create instability. unless, some people really want that so Indonesia's value is going low for the next 1-2 years. then, it comes the new hero along with the investors.

comparing SBY to Bang Yos, Bang Yos may be stronger and more strict in making strategic decisions. we can see from how he governed Jakarta. so, why not him in your dream or novel.