Friday, December 12, 2008

Here's my money, please save it for me

I overheard this talk between two government officials as we were headed together to the airport.

Both officials were complaining about the small salary and compensation they received each month. Official One thought they should get a raise of 50 percent at least. Official Two said he would be fine with 25 percent raise as long as the government withheld another 25 percent for his pension.

If you were to choose, which one would you pick? I would go with Official One. I want all my money and let me decide whether I would save and how much. Official Two is the type of person who thinks government would take care of him forever.


rizal said...

You certainly are not a Thalerian/libertarian paternalist who needs to be "nudged" to save for your retirement plan :-)).

Aco said...

True, Zal, I like Thaler-Sunstein, but I'm no big fan of libertarian paternalism :D