Monday, June 30, 2008

one week wrapup

It was a very busy week (well three weeks actually with Paris and Bangkok - Paris for this and Bangkok for a talk in Thammasat University). That explains the blog vacuum. Not that there was no interesting stuff to blog while in UK. Of course I should have at least talked about Wimbledon (my favorite Ana Ivanovic, who I 'found' last year, lost it to a Chinese, Anna Kournikova lost it to a fellow Russian and was called bitch by a male chauvinist pig who happens to be a top official at ATP), Euro Cup (back from Bangkok that Saturday at 1.30 am, only to find my fave flying Dutchmen lost to the Russians -- yes, Ape, I know only that much about football, I mean soccer, sorry I mean football -- so I was in grief while trying not to miss the flight to London; later teasing Christian von Luebke my German co-author that the Turks played better than the Germans -- I had no idea actually -- it was just a bad luck); and about the Mandela Concert (I should have gone to Hyde Park to see Amy Winehouse! But I had promised Alfie some good reads, so that came first -- well in all honesty, maybe I was still traumatized by Monas incident so, no political rally for awhile? Sorry, Mandela, but happy birthday, and you know I hate Mugabe, too).

OK, that's it. As for the more serious stuff, we would post them here, later.

Addendum: And I did my homework last evening, i.e. reading a one-week worth of belated news on Indonesia. It was quick, because apparently not much important things happened last week. Except maybe two. No, three. First, House will put a cap on fuel subsidy. Kudos to some parliamentarians (some ones, not those others who keep talking bullshit like "hak angket" against subsidy reduction). Second, the students' riot with molotov cocktail, car burning and all (gee, "hari gini?"). And third, Rizal Ramli. Whatever happened to Rizal? He sounded soooo angry. I mean he is usually angry. But not at this level. (Someone just told me: all the three issues above are actually related. Really?)

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