Monday, March 17, 2008

My bloghopping equilibrium

I have a long list of econ blogs in my Bloglines account. I can't possibly read them all everyday. But when I have the time I usually go in this order: Becker-Posner, Cafe Hayek, Marginal Revolution, EconLog, Env-Econ, Greg Mankiw, Dani Rodrik, Jim Hamilton, and Paul Krugman. Most of the time, I can only read them over the weekends (along with selected classic papers and while preparing my lecture notes for the coming week). Sometimes, I skip Krugman. Sometimes it is Krugman, Hamilton, and Rodrik. Becker-Posner is not as frequently updated as the others. So, many times I end up having coffee and the George Mason trio: CH, MR, and EL. That's probably my bloghopping equilibrium -- recently.

Of course Alfie can amend all that easily.

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