Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dentists call

Reported in The Jakarta Post today, Indonesian Dentists Association complained that Indonesian people only go see a dentist when they have toothache.

Of course. D'oh.


Anonymous said...

Maybe what they meant were “periodic assessment” of people’s teeth. Well, that reminds me of the IMF.

Of course, it will only generate more income for them, both the IMF and the Dentist..

roby said...

i would say the more rational thing to do is to visit dentists regularly. regular visit for cleaning would prevent toothache and it's less costly (not to mention if you have to do root canal for your toothache which is very expensive).

so you're better off if you visit dentists regularly.

don't you think so?

Aco said...

Hehehe, yes, I think we should visit them regularly. I just couldn't help grinning knowing the statement came from dentists themselves. If my Mom (who is not a dentist) told me to check my teeth regularly, I would obey :-)

If I were a dentist, I would love to see as many people with tooth decay as possible :-) And that has high probability in those who do not come in regular basis...