Monday, February 18, 2008

Den Haag and Amsterdam facts 3 weeks ago

Was in Den Haag and Amsterdam three weeks ago but did not have time to access internet (how silly does that sound?). So here's some interesting facts:
  • There are more than 1,000 Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands.
  • There are more Indonesians in the Netherlands than in any other part of Europe.
  • The jazz group from Den Haag that is going to perform in the coming Java Jazz consists of Indonesian talents.
  • Che Guevara's capitalistic logos are everywhere. What were they thinking?
  • Ajax costume for kid costs 75 euros -- damn it.
  • There are Indonesian girls working in the red light district of Amsterdam -- or so they confessed.
  • While you are in the Amsterdam's red light district, make sure you eat at the New King, that chinese food restaurant. Just prepare for standing in line for an hour or so.
  • But if you want sate kambing, go to Pak Tompul's De Poentjak in Den Haag. Why don't we have that kind of sate kambing here?
  • Lastly, if someone else if paying, order dover sole in ... shoot what is that place close to the harbor?
And roken is dodelijk!


Rajawali Muda said...

come to paris mas, I'll show you much better bargain for kid shirts...
I lived in Tanah abang for a while you know..heheheeh..

Aco said...

hahaha. been there, i guess. and sssttt, lived in pigalle :-)

Rajawali Muda said...

marvelous, that's a great idea, we can easily get halal food there.. well, and other advantages of course..:-)

Adianto Wibisono said...

I suppose that place was Volendam.