Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cirque du Senayan

There was one time when President Abdurrahman Wahid called the parliament members a bunch of play group kids. It might still ring true today. I'm sick of how those house members treat government officials. I mean, come on. Yes, government officials are not the nicest persons themselves, and maybe some of them deserve harsh critiques. But geez, be a little respectful and professional. Read the media. The honorable parliamentarians were showing off their power to demand President Yudhoyono's presence before them, explaining the case of Bank Indonesia liquidity loan. There is nothing wrong with that request. But hold on. The President sent his cabinet members. And the house members went ballistic. What is then so wrong about that? After all, President and his staff is one unity. Do they, the house members, have their own Chief, Agung Laksono to present in every hearing, too?

Grow up.

Update: The Jakarta Post today's editorial calls the lawmakers childish. Who doesn't?

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