Saturday, February 16, 2008 and PT Pos Indonesia

We (that's me and Anna) have been loyal customers of Someone today told us that we shouldn't pay anymore tax or whatever it is called imposed by PT Pos Indonesia on our packages. Is that correct?


Anonymous said...

Sukardo Ronokolo berkata:

Setuju Daeng Atjo, daripada kena pajak PT Pos Indonesia, mendingan bayar Amazon dan bikin kaya Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Boleh tanya tidak? Aman gak sih pesen dari Amazon? Biasa pilih shipping method yg mana dan sampai berapa lama? Dan berapa pajak yg diminta oleh kantor pos? Terima kasih!

Aco said...

Aman aja sih selama ini. Saya biasanya pakai standard shipping. Pajak kantor pos sekitar 10%.

Anonymous said...

I sent a parcel from Indonesia to Spain and it never arrived.

I've been emailing Pos Indonesia every week since January but usually they don't answer. When they do, just say "we'll check it" but never got any news.

Last month they told me the parcel was sent to US (¿?) and returned to Bali (¿?). I asked them why but got no answer.

They want me to pay to send it again. Of course, I won't do it!

When I go back to Bali, they'll have to listen to me!