Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yet another minor makeup

(Coerced) readers of Exegesis complained about my new skin. Rizal said: "Dude, I don't like your new skin". Patricia complained: "Too plain, too pale", Oki (Ki, set up yours, would you?) suggested: "Be a lil' more colorful". Ces Mad told me, "That's so not you: changing things up...". Thanks, guys. At least I know you come visit :-)

But, as I found out, part of your dissatisfaction came from your using Internet Explorer as your browser. Guys, that thing sucks! It shows things worse than they actually are. Change to Firefox!

Consumer is the king. So I have made a little makeover. Not too much. But I have put some pictures in the sidebar. I hope my cute-half doesn't mind my using our picture.

I confess, I have way more ideas to improve this blog than I can. Alas, I'm not a CS-HTML-and-all-that guy. Don't even think of "view page source" this site. It shows how novice I am. (It reminds me of my GAUSS programming days. It was exciting and embarrassing at the same time. Especially when my CS friend who is also an economist saw my 30-line code and he quickly suggested tranforming it into 10-something-line code!).

Update: When I said "consumer is king", I was in sarc mode. So Rizal, don't ask too much :-)


rizal said...

OK, I can't restrain myself to comment. First, I use firefox, and I still don't like it :-). Second, you said 'my cute-half'. Man, you're hopelessly romantic.Or more precisely, romantic but hopeless. Hahaha!

dHani said...

well... as a non-windows user, i'm glad to say that i ain't using the internet explorer... and when it comes to taste, i'm not entitled to say anything... let it go guys, it's aco's choice... not yours... =D
PS: i'm interested in what you suggest to Oki, wonder what he'll write? well, woman and hedonism would be an interesting topic no?

mad said...

A reader's voice:This skin is better, especially with the pictures:).