Friday, March 24, 2006

Skin change

Let's just say I was bored with the skin I had been using since 2003. No, it's not a bad thing. In fact I was in a dilemma: 1) I wanted a new skin, 2) I felt that I was betraying my old skin. Furthermore, the latter included a guilty feeling to the great creators I had borrowed ideas from, especially Jason Sutter (the original creator of the former skin, before I messed it up) and John Irons (an excellent economist who invented ArgMax, including it's useful newsBot).

I ended up with this new skin you're looking at now. It's much more simple. Notice, I don't put my long list of favourite blogs, news sources, etc anymore. I believe everybody who blogs use aggregator (I use Bloglines). Technology is amazing. We don't even need to put our feed address anymore. The aggregators can find it easily. Incredibly easy searching is also the reason why I don't keep the ArgMax's newsBot anymore. Don't tell me you can't find it.

Another reason I changed skin was that many friends complain that Exegesis "don't take comments", which isn't true. Well, it didn't until last year. But due to so many alterations on the template, I think I made it obscure. Now it's more obvious. I welcome your comments.

I remember the first time I set up this blog. It was October 2003, as you can see in the archive. I wasn't sure I could even maintain it. It was just a media to vent out my stress trying to meet dissertation deadlines. But it worked quite well. So far...

As you might have seen, I've been swinging on themes here and there. My first posts were all about the life of a graduate student struggling with his work. Then I came back home. Things were no less interesting. It was all the reality, and boy, "reality bites". Now, most of my current posts are comments to national headlines. My apologies to many of you who don't read Indonesian; I linked to Indonesian newspapers a lot. But I always try to make my points clear, even if you don't click the links.

Did I bore you already? You can always go to the café next door...

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