Monday, March 13, 2006

It's called "service", no?

Read this article and let's try to have a bigger perspective. What's really going on? American and European shoemakers can't compete against Chinese. So they ask their governments to help them through high tariff (In case you forget, the effect would be that US and EU people should end up with more expensive shoes). Chinese would respond by rerouting their delivery through Indonesia. Indonesian shoemakers freak out, 'cause they also can't compete. Even though it is obvious that some ex shoemakers are better off enganging in the "modern value chain", the association thinks it's not a good idea. I think otherwise. If we can't really make competitive shoes, why force? Now that international modern business are switching to borderless value chain, we should be happy to become one of the first players. Of course Singapore has been doing it all this time. And it's called "service"...

Here's a fable to think about.

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treespotter said...

i dont understand much, but you seem to be talking a lot of important things. interesting. I might even understand more and make stupid comments later.