Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Refurbished, anyone?

Domestic market is flooded with "reconditioned" TVs, reports Kompas (Ind). The association of electronics makers urges the government to impose a "national industry standard" to "protect both consumers and producers". I say crap.

All that is needed is a simple label saying "Refurbished" (or, "Reconditioned", if you like) on those TVs' package. Sell them at a lower price than the newly made. That way, you "protect" the consumers who want to wantch TV but have fewer money. You also "protect" the producers who make use of used stuff and are willing to accept lower return. In the meantime, the producers of new TV sets should resort on quality enhancement.

If you're not convinced, read the paragraph saying "the selling price (of the "reconditioned" TVs) are darn cheap and tempting". So, what's the problem? Information. Failing to tell the consumers what's inside while deluding on lower price can be seen as a cheat. That's why we need the label, bro.

Oh, did we forget to give a job to the government? How about this: enforce the labeling. Inspect once in a while, pick at random, and punish those who violate (selling a refurbished TV with no label saying such).

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