Monday, October 25, 2004


Just saw Troy last Saturday. It was just OK. I like Eric Bana's acting (as Hector of Troy). The veteran Peter O'Toole (as Priam, King of Troy) could be better (reason why I decided to see this movie). Brad Pitt (as Achilles) surely had worked out his muscles a lot -- but not his acting talent. Diane Kruger (the seductive Helen -- the problem) acted worse.

The show could have been much better. One, it should have warned the watchers: "Warning: This is a VERY LOOSE interpretation of Homer's Iliad [and that's why we don't dare using that title]. We assume you already know that 1) Achilles has weak tendon [if you don't know, what the hell did you do when you were kid?]; 2) Trojan War is nothing but a place where men fight for a seductive woman [that's all you need to know, we'll guide you through some adult-only innuendo]". Such warning could make you less demanding. Don't ask why Aphrodite is not there or why Paris is so lame in contrast with his mighty brother, Hector. Also, don't ask why Odysseus seems so sidekicky next to Achilles (this is about -- I mean inspired by -- Iliad, not Odysseus!). Story aside, if you haven't seen Braveheart, you might think this movie is a thumbs-up. If you have, you don't need to see this one.

(I also watched Bulletproof Monk -- this one was a total waste of time, it is not worth a link).

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