Friday, October 22, 2004

Trial by anybody who wants

Talking about Adrian Waworuntu, the prime suspect of one of the biggest bank robberies in Indonesia. While I'm writing this post, he is being interviewed by a television. What really shocks me is that this interview is NOT an interview. It's a ... trial. Is legal institution in Indonesia so useless already that trial should be done by ... tv?

That's trial by tv. Now, another one: trial by so-called religious group. I can't understand, why each time the Ramadhan comes, this people calling themselves FPI (Islam Defenders Front) think they have the right to replace the police! They attack bars, night clubs, and the likes. These are the people who think they defend Islam while in fact they ruin it. Islam is no anarchy, but they make it seems like that. The sad thing is, the police seems so lame. So who's to blame?

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