Friday, October 22, 2004

Bad press corp

Lately, I've growing exasperation toward these news presenters in local televisions. It seems to me tv companies have been hiring presenters based on their look only. Intelligence and press ethics don't really matter. Many times I have seen the way these tv chicks conduct their interviews with politicians, academicians, and other resource persons. It's terrible. They ask their target in a very unprofessional way. Well, they don't really ask. They nag. Same questions often repeated many times. It's obvious that none of them do (even a small) research before interviews. Consequently, they nag with silly questions. Back then, when TVRI was still alone, they were very professional. I recall world-class reporters such as Toety Adhitama and Usi Karundeng, to name a view. Now, when we need news, these many private tvs now bring Vivi Yahya, Rosiana Silalahi, or Ira Kusno to our glass. Why don't they learn from TVRI?

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