Wednesday, December 31, 2003

1. The verdict has been reached, finally. Had a long meeting with JBB. Have to really complete this dissertation by early January, and that means ... in two weeks from now! He's leaving for sabbatical terms in Colorado and some European countries. If I can't finish early, that would be problem for both of us to communicate the research effectively. This is tough, so tough. But I understand his constraint. And I'm still strugling with my programming. Have to leave anyway. Insha Allah.

2. Friends debated about interest rates and inflation. Was inspired to write about the economics of riba'. Hold it, still have number one in the to-write-list: the economics of drinking coffee (have postponed this many times).

3. Music: Ahmad Jamal. This master is still powerful in his 70s. (Drums by Idris Muhammad, bass James Cammack). Great. No wonder even Miles said he was influenced by Jamal.

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