Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I fall asleep when I'm bored or when I feel peaceful

I couldn't help laughing at this news about President SBY being outraged by a participant who fell asleep while he was giving a speech ("Sleeping forum participant outrages President", The Jakarta Post, Wednesday, April 9). He asked others to wake this poor guy up and asked him to "go outside if you want to sleep". I have been in two occasions with SBY giving speech, live. They were boring. I fell asleep too, couple of times. Thank God the president didn't spot me! Well, come to think of it, SBY should have taken that as a compliment -- his voice is so soft and peaceful, you feel like listening to a lullaby. I'm surprised that only one person fell asleep.

In a call to my aunt this morning, we talked about the funny news. She, a long time admirer of Soekarno, said, "No one ever fell asleep when Soekarno was giving a speech". I guess Soekarno was not as peaceful then.


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