Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hating X does not mean asking for a ban on it

I hate high price when I shop. But I don't think asking the authority to impose a ceiling is going to be effective. What I do is bargain. Sometimes the price gets reduced a little bit and I am reasonably happy: although it is still higher than what I first bargained but definitely lower than what I was willing to pay. More often, though, the seller beats me in the negotiation process. For which case, I will postpone the buying (if my 'discount rate' is low), or go somewhere else or buy something else.

Now, you can change the term 'high price' into anything that might bother you: stupid words or phrases, crazy Dutch film-maker, Cinta Laura, disillusioned Health Minister Sapari, Andrea Hirata's economics, anything.

Furthermore, you are free to tell people what you feel: I hate Paula Abdul and Titi DJ, I love Sandra Dewi, and so on, and so on. Others will debate you, will ridicule your taste. Fine. You can't debate taste but you can express what you like or dislike. And others have the right to disagree.

Without having to ask for regulation or banning or anything like that.


Anonymous said...

Sir, were you referring to the most recent ban against Dewi Persik when you made this post?

Aco said...

Dewi Persik? No, what happened? I'm a fan :-)

Anonymous said...

She was banned in Tangerang since she was considered to perform erotic movement by doing "goyang gergaji", the iconic movement of hers

a.p. said...

Can I add 'Ayat-ayat Cinta' in the list? :-p

Aco said...

Anon, Tangerang's govt and parliament are hopeless.

Ape', haven't seen the movie, but the book (read 1/3 so far) is quite OK -- much better than the grossly overrated Laskar Pelangi.