Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) should not be made mandatory by the State. By its very definition, CSR is voluntary action. It is part of profit maximizing effort by corporation. Yes, a few countries have experimented regulating it. And they are all in error. The main responsibility of corporation is to maximize profit so it can pay good dividend to its shareholders. If CSR is to be imposed on companies, then to be balanced, why don't you also impose something like PSR (people social responsibility)?

We have seen many companies made successful CSR. And they did it without any mandatory regulation.


Anonymous said...

Ah...your statement is not genuine. Those words originally were shouted by your Idol Milton Friedman in 1970. Do you still have a sensibility when you see that your country people are in dire needs while your natural resource endownments has been pirated by your Idol fellows of Friedman?

Aco said...

Ah ... your statement is not genuine either. You sound like Ralph Nader. Wait, you sound like a confused street activist.

Anonymous said...

Ha...ha...anyway, it's wonderful to know a humanistic side of Mr. Ari Perdana. I believe he would be a great economist of your country.

Anonymous said...

CSR is a 'regulated' altruism. what an oxymoron..

action have motive(s).

the only thing that saves the environment in STRONG law enforcement, but before better have a SMART law. without them nonsense la.. and CSR is equal to 'sunatan massal gratis' kind of thing..


Aco said...

damn right, pat!

a.p. said...

wait wait wait.. I have yet made any comments here, so how could I be humanistic? :-)

I agree -- CSR is good. helping my neighbor is good. praying to God almighty is good (I think). But making good things compulsory is another thing.