Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Politics of Rice 19

"Importing rice is a very easy thing to do, but that is too simplistic, it can't attack the root of the problem of poverty in Indonesia".

That is the song the week.

Why is it if something is easy, we should go for the difficult ones? Welcome to the if-you-can-make-it-difficult-why-make-it-easy society.


treespotter said...

to be very honest, i know very little of the whole issue to have any real opinion about it (learning!!).

but frankly, i'm disappointed at the obvious prejudice here. the whole point of economics (or so i was lead to believe) was to follow the facts/numbers and look for the best solution. with such a blatant display of prejudiced you disqualified yourself from giving unbiased opinion.

good opinion, maybe, but not exactly an objective observation.

just my two cents.

Aco said...

Thanks, T/S. I should've reminded you. The whole posts in this blog reflect my personal opinion. They are not economic analysis. Many times, they're subjective. I'm biased toward free market. This blog can also be viewed as a display of my political statement.