Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Politics of Rice 18

As I said here, poverty increase in Indonesia has lots to do with the rice price. The World Bank report is in line with this claim, as reported in the media.

What is quite interesting is the tone-change of Kompas. Yesterday it ran this headline -- unusual for Kompas. Today, it changes tone back to its populist-leaning style. Yes, with the usual heroes quoted, of course.

Update: More from Kompas today. So, when an analysis is not like what you want, you can call it invalid. How cool.


johnorford said...

I agree with you. What is it with farmers - man they're good at manipulating politician's heart strings...

weakties said...

i agree with you too. another thing that concerns me is that it seems it develops into an ideological attack on quantitative methods. ujang has warned me about this, but this is the first time i see a clear example of it.