Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Politics of Fertilizer 2

Said VP Jusuf Kalla:
Actually our fertilizer production is enough... But due to the increasing demand, it seems like it's not enough...
What is it are you trying to say, Pak?

In the meantime, Minister of Agriculture Anton Apriyantono explained that the government would increase fertilizer maximum retail price ("HET"). And that's due to "increasing fuel price". Further, he said, the government and the police would punish those who sell fertilizer above this HET.

How thoughtful.

As if this is a game or something, our honorable parliament member has to have his say, too. (And so this post qualifies for the "Politics of Rice"-series, no?). He urged the government to also raise the paddy's buying price ("HPP"). Because "farmers would have hard time if fertilizer price increases".

By his logic, we should also increase the price of ... everything.

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