Friday, December 31, 2004

Suboptimal riposte

Please, all you who appreciably want to donate to or to help the victims of the Tsunami, think twice. No, I'm not saying you should not participate. Your helps and donations are of course 'priceless' (or so you think). However, many, so many of the donations so far are suboptimal. People keep sending unprocessed food (raw materials) and nobody can cook over there! Even drinkable water is terribly scarce. The lists of volunteers keep expanding every minutes. But many of those who want to be sent are not the ones the victims need. They need paramedics. Not just anybody who in turns need to eat there too. If you have all the sympathy for Aceh's tsunami victims, and you have the urge to go there, make sure you can help, not to be helped. And those who want to donate, please donate money, so the centers whatever they are can use it to buy relevant goods: body-bags, disinfectants, medicine, biscuits, bottled water, etc. I agree with a friend: this requires a careful organization. And a quick, systematic one. Yes, military.

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