Saturday, December 25, 2004

Starbucks assumes my taste

I don't hate Starbucks like these people. In fact, I go to Starbucks quite often. But today I happened to notice: Starbucks assumes my (and maybe your) taste. I was ordering a small, black coffee, as usual. This waitress, she handed me instead a mug with ... hot water and black ... well, tea. Me complained. She goes: "Oh, sorry, Sir. So sorry. Let me make it up for you. I'll make you a ... cappuccino, alright?". WHAT? Why did she think I valued cappucino more than black, plain coffee? Of course I said no, I want BLACK coffee! (today they had Sumatran).

Bear with me -- more interesting one coming. There I was, sitting on a comfy couch reading my book. One subchapter done, and time for the next gulp of coffee. But, hey, what's that little thing moving around on my coffee? A suicidal fly! So, yes, I stood up for the second complaint of the day. This time, another waitress apologized. She goes: "Oh my good God! Please forgive us, Sir. I'll change your coffee..." (At the moment, I thought, she didn't need to apologize. The dead fly should). Anyway, she gave me another mug of coffee. Thanks God, it's black. Only that... "Here you are, Sir. As a guesture of our state of sorry, we give you a ... bigger mug... no extra charge"... Oh, my God! Did she think I ordered small coffee, because I couldn't afford the bigger one? Even worse, did she think I valued bigger mug of coffee higher than smaller one? (Now I think she should apologize!)

Both fiascos once again prove: most people confuse value with price. True, price should reflect value. But my valuation might be different from yours and therefore I might not think the price is right (for me), while you think so (for you). Disaster comes when you think the price is right for your valuation, and ... mine.

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Papoo said...

I thought the starbuck laby acted according to one of the economists most famous assumption on utility ..."the more the better", no?? hee hee hee