Thursday, November 20, 2008

Which one, really?

Magawati Soekarnoputri, the ex president (who was a lame duck but never let go) is running again. Today she has an advertisement in Kompas. It says the Megawati's 100 day program should she be elected would be focusing on providing cheap basic staples. Then there is a note in the bottom of the ad defining what it means by "cheap", namely: any increase in the staple food prices should not exceed the increase of people's income. That's easy: open up import. But then the ad also says: to control the prices so as not to burden farmers and fishermen.

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Anonymous said...

Ekonom gampang doank cuap-cuap. Import agar supply naik harga turun O.K. Lalu, petani marah karena harga murah, ekonom bilang tutup import. Lalu, sebagai calon Nobel, bagaimana jawaban anda sebagai ekonom sejati?

Pramono Anung