Monday, December 24, 2007

Real analysis

There you go. With this kind of analysis, Kompas reads much much better.

And the author, Dede with his amazing productivity here makes me really depressed.


Anonymous said...

Apart from the excellence analysis that MCB has, I think your opinion towards recent KOMPAS economic analysis a bit "racist" and implies conflict of interest since MCB is one of your colleagues. Ah, I remember that you are from same province of JK. So, no wonder.

Aco said...

Oh so you're saying that since MCB is my colleague I should never say his analysis is good, even if it is? And if I do I'm racist? And because I'm from same province with JK I am necessarily similar to him? Friend, you really have a problem in your logic.

me, myself and i said...

it's like an analysis saying that not many smart women around