Thursday, July 27, 2006

Djalil's nonsense

From The Jakarta Post today.1 It's him again. Now, the Minister is saying: to foster competition, you need to reduce the number of players.

Oh my God.

1 The Jakarta Post is so lame in its web version. As I'm writing this, its website is still of yesterday's news. OK, I'll just tell you then. The Minister of Communication and Information, Sofyan Djalil told the press that the Government is thinking to ask private TV stations to merge. It is "a move [the government] believes will streamline the sector for healthier business competition and the development of regional stations". In Djalil's words, "National television stations should merge to create healthy competition and survive. With fewer stations, we could provide fairer frequency allocation". Oh, now I see. It's a matter of government incapability. Here's a suggestion: think about price.

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