Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Democracy Bush and Blair Don't Like

The Economist has its right to be skeptical on the current development in the Palestine. It says, under Hamas, things will go worse. Well, that's an editorial judgement, and it's fine.

But it's different when it comes to world "leaders": Bush, Blair and the likes. As the Washington Post reported, Bush was "conciliatory". While Blair worries that Hamas might not practice democracy. Well, if you're concerned with democracy, first of all, you should respect the result of the democratic election. You like it or not, Hamas is winning.

[By the way, allow me for a word about Evo Morales, the new "hero" who just joined the Castro-Chaves Gang. I kinda not like him. But I respect the Bolivian people decision. Bush and his gang should learn to respect that, too].

Update: I just noticed, Posner and Becker are discussing about this, too, with economics. They apply Schelling-way of thinking and both comes to conclude that the world should not worry (too much) about Hamas victory. Says Posner, "Hamas' victory may be the best thing that has happened to Israel in years". While Becker says, "I am more optimistic than Posner and many others about the chances that Hamas' victory will improve rather than worsen relations with Israel."

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