Monday, December 05, 2005

Slow... what?

One thing that I like from this country is, we love to create terms. No matter how foolish it is, as long as you say it first, you'll be known forever and get credits from the press. And here comes, the ... SLOWFLATION... Oh my God...

Not long ago, the President himself "invented" his own toy word: BIGBANG. Well, it's not like, he's the one who invented the word. Physicists did, long long time ago. But, our beloved president, SBY is the one who thinks he can use the term to refer to, well, persons!

And here's the best part: everybody starts using the terms! ("everybody" being the operative word. Meaning, google up yourself -- it's everywhere).

I remember, once upon a time, some Indonesian started using the term "QUO VADIS ----?" in his article. And then, kaboom, hundreds and hundreds of articles use that term, no matter how unnecessary it is.

Ever heard this term: LATAH?

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ariapn said...

I don't know how well it applies to the situation. But the term is stagflation and it's well established.