Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sachs the Prophet

Enough is enough. Now Jeff Sachs declares himself a "prophet"? I'm having hard time to get it. Oh, maybe because he is indeed one of the best economist-speakers? For that matter he deserves the trophy.

(I have to confess. I have not read that guy's book, End of Poverty -- something like that. I just happened to watch the G8 parties endorsing his idea of spoiling the poor. At the time he came to Jakarta, I had two choices: attending his presentation, or watching a movie. The latter it was).

But not for his misleading populism. I can't elaborate my disagreement with his approach now. (The point is, I just don't think the mechanism will work out well -- as in my skepticism toward Indonesian compensation plan, see below). But of course Bill Easterly says it all.

And somehow this leads us to our own government plan to distribute lumpsum money to the poor families every month as a form of compensation after raising the oil and gas prices. If Sachs were indeed a prophet, he seemed to be a successful prophet in Indonesia.

[Via Mahalanobis].

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ari_perdana said...

A prophet he may not be... But Lant Pritchett, funilly, once called him a preacher. Sadly, Lant added, he is a preacher who forgets how the church should be run...