Friday, March 25, 2005

If people just want to think

Why haven't I elaborated my thinking about the controversy surrounding the gas price hike, in this blog? Because it's near useless. Have tried to talked many times and have answered many questions. But only two or three persons are willing to listen. You go find any newspaper or simply open your newsgroups. People even make stupid jokes on the issue. One of them goes like this: "In order to reduce the number of the poor, raise the gas price". And the readers laugh cynically. Yes, those who got no intention to even think. Who are not even open to a possibility that the silly "joke" might be true. Try it: just add this condition: "... and transfer the money from the less-entitled rich to the more-entitled poor". See? I can understand people's sympathy to the poor. But I can't stand those who use them to gain popularity. Some of them claim to practice "economics for the people" (for lack of better translation); while they simply rephrase "Pancasila" here and there (no, not a bit of stuff like Amartya Sen's). If this is popularity contest, I'd switch the channel to Indonesian Idol.

This is getting pestiferous!

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