Thursday, August 05, 2004

I love this office

So frustrating. Every morning you wake up with plenty of ideas. Then you rush to office with a smile on your face (assume your smile is bigger than traffic jam). Only to find out that you're ... back in Jurassic Park! No internet connection. Wait, there IS internet connection. Just, .... EXTREMELY slowly. Wait, maybe not always, but ... ALMOST ALL THE TIME.

It's a privilege if you can work in the cyberspace an hour effective, each day. (Wondering now how I could blog this post). Many times, you find only 15 minutes of smooth connection, followed by total pause for the rest of the day. They say this is an unavoidable problem. Lack of infrastructure. I start to doubt it. This is also a matter of incompetency: you rely on one --repeat: one-- person to handle your IT problem. Once that guy is on leave or sick, then your office is practically dead. Nobody knows what to do. If it's pure infrastructure problem, why in the world do those offices in the Sudirman-Kuningan CBDs not have such problem? And, mind you, ours is listed as "one of the best research institutions" in the nation, or so we say. "Research"? How many persons in this world today doing research by reading newspapers? Welcome to Offline Academy.

OK, I'm burnt out. Talk about office more. This is supposed to be a group of so-named reseacher-cum-educators. On economics. We talk about efficiency. We are for development and against corruption. Add to that, for social (Neoclassical socialist? Social neoclassic?) reason. We (well, "we"? I am not sure) believe in market. We (well, "we" again?) discourage big government. But mind you, I said we TALK, and that doesn't necessarily mean we DO it. In contrast, we show you here "counterexamples" of our mantras. Anybody interested in "disguised unemployment"? You're welcome. We here don't really do MP = w, as we promote in the class rooms constantly. We are practically doing w = AC -- in that order. So, yes, we are family labor, not wage labor. We are actually in Lewis' traditional world, but ... hey, we talk about modernity, don't we?

Yet, I think I (am willing to) love it.

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