Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I love this country

There are two things I kept thinking about on my flight home a month ago. Six years should have changed many things. (I am alright with changes -- I like changes). What I was really concerned with were internet connection and traffic jam.
And my concern has just been confirmed (one month of observation should be quite robust, I would argue). The internet connection has not improved. It's pathetically slow. Traffic jam does change -- it's gotten worse!
OK, one more thing: tv programs are all crap. I happened to see this program one day on one of the now-many channels. It was about a supposedly-generous guy giving big amount of money to a poor man. He asked this guy to spend that money (it's 10 million rupiahs) in 30 minutes and thus be given the right to whatever he managed to buy-- if I remember correctly. I don't really care with the theme -- but look at it closely. I have never seen such insensitive, stupid, snobbish, disheartening- show! That poor guy (a "bajaj" driver?) was treated just like an animal. He had to rush here and there trying to spend that money (he couldn't even imagine how big/small it really was, I conveived) in ... half an hour. And people are... laughing, really laughing, on him. He even, in the midst of hurriness and desperation to buy things, collapsed! Some guys tried to "help" him. He woke up after a while... and people... yes, laughing! Clapping hands and cheering him. I felt so terribly sad, especially because he didn't seem that he was being treated so badly. That was barbarian, heartless show. In the end of the show, a guy -- that "supposedly generous"-guy -- came. He wore an outfit as if he was a godly person, with a stupid Lincoln hat and stupid sidebar and stupid shoes and a stupid stick (well something was telling me, it couldn't be possible that that guy was NOT stupid in real life --  otherwise, why was he doing all that?). He came to the poor guy, counting all the stuff that poor guy managed to purchase and gave him the rest of that damn 10 million... People were clapping hands...
Is this society so sick already?

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