Saturday, April 17, 2004

Of course it's exclusive!

Is there a single organization in the world that is NOT exclusive? This whole criticism against certain political parties for being "exclusive" really annoys me. For example, one party is accused for being exclusive only for a certain segment of muslim population. Other is "exclusive" for being open only for christians. The critics say they can't accept such "exclusiveness" because it will lead to antidemocracy. To me, the criticism is just another form of religio-phobia. Why are those critics fine with political parties that are "exclusive" for "nationalists", "exclusive" for labor, etc? The worst thing is that, they seem not to understand that any organization is inherently exclusive. If an "organization" is open to all types of segment, personality, religion, education, etc, then why was it formed in the first place? By definition, organization is a group of people with the same objectives. Repeat: the same objectives. Is it possible that everybody's objectives are the same? No. That's why you form an organization. And that means: exclusive!

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